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Our service is completely complimentary for Municipal Shelters, 501c3/In-State Non Profit Rescues and Independent Rescues. There is never a fee for Municipal Shelters, Non-Profit Organizations or Humane Societies to become a certified shelter or rescues with PetCert and send their adoption applications through PetCert. Below are the steps to sign up and what to expect. A lot of rescues already charge for their respective application but are not receiving the results of a thorough background investigation. The other plus is the time that it gives a shelter's staff and volunteer based rescues to focus on animal care, adoption events and fundraising. When you receive the results back you would only need to contact the adopter and set up home visit/meet & greet.

Our CARE services stands for Caring Animal Resource Essentials. PetCert’s CARE Team have been trained to provide you with the safest and most efficient turnaround of your adopters thorough background screenings. We have safeguarded our system by NOT storing complete credit card information. All of our team can only see the last 4 digits of a credit card number and the expiration date. We utilize Data First Merchant and An adopters "approved" application is valid for one year. The adopter cannot sign back into their original application after it has been "approved", for integrity regarding results. The adopter can contact PetCert within that year to update any new information. If information on the application is updated within that year we will re-certify at no additional cost to the adopter.

Your registration is only one page to complete. Upload your logo, rescue description, adoption criteria and foster criteria to the same page. You will immediately receive an email giving additional information. After one of our CARE representatives completes your registration, your organization will receive a second email with your account number and your organization's html click through to your specific PetCert page on our website. If you need assistance placing the "PetCert Certified Rescue" logo on any of the adoption sites your organization utilizes, our IT department can assist you. You are now ready to start sending your adopters to your organization's PetCert page.

Your Adopter will see: your organization's logo at the top of your PetCert page, your adoption criteria and our specifically designed adoption application for safety and a thorough background investigation. After completing the application the adopter will pay the application fee of $9.99. This application fee is good for one year. It is our goal to get adoption results back to you within 24 hours. Late Saturday and Sunday applications can be delayed regarding Veterinary, Landlord, Professional and Personal references. For those applicants those steps would be fulfilled on Monday (excluding holidays). After your adopter completes their application, you can sign into your organization's account and print the application for your records (the driver license number and payment is redacted from the application). The application results will be emailed to your organization, as "Approved" or "Denied" along with the corresponding checklist.