The Mission & Vision of PetCert

PetCert understands the daunting task of placing companion pets into safe and loving homes. We also understand the time constraints of many animal welfare employees and volunteers. Some days it feels like it just never ends. Our mission is to give you peace of mind with your companion pet placements.

We believe through a thorough background investigation and the tools to ensure your pets are being placed in steadfast, responsible loving homes. Through safe and thorough placement your recidivism rates for adoption decrease. PetCert is committed to you and the important job that we have in insuring safe placement. Our PetCert team takes the importance of giving your organization and adopters the very best experience. We are committed to your companion pets and their futures.

  • Prevent cruelty to animals with our thorough background investigation.
  • We want to serve as a vital resource for responsible animal care and placement.
  • Provide quality homes and guardians through our adoption certification program.
  • We are committed to insuring the safest possible forever homes.

PetCert’s vision is through philanthropically partnering with our animal welfare organizations through community projects, grants and education programs.. These donations are generated primarily from our company revenue, and are one of our most powerful tools for change. Our partnership with YOU is vital to bringing new and inventive tools, programs and grants to fruition.

The PetCert CARE Team
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The journey of PetCert was born from a frustrated non-profit rescue director, volunteers, shelter directors, caring animal control officers, a breeder dog show leader and foster parents. The frustration grew from increased news reports of animal cruelty, adoptable animals dying in shelters at alarming rates and the need for a safe secure way to place companion pets in their own forever homes. We started a focus group with professionals from all forms of animal welfare. We brought all of the concerns and needs of safer placement measures to the table. And the co-creative result was PetCert!