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PetCert’s manuals are designed to increase adoptions safely, expand your groups foster homes and volunteer base. Through our manuals we provide your organization tools and training to have a greater impact in your community. PetCert started our program with a focus group project. Our focus group participants increased their adoptions over a three month period from 18 to 22 percent. Let us do the work for you!

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PetCert provides consultations and community outreach training to our registered organizations. At the beginning of 2016 we will send out our calendar of events for outreach in or near your organization. We also provide specific complimentary consultations to municipal shelters and their respective pet partners. Please go to our contact page and send in a request if you would like us to come to your area.

The PetCert CARE Team
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PetCert’s CARE representatives have been trained to provide you with the safest and most efficient turnaround of your adopters thorough background screenings. With municipal shelters our goal is to have adopter results within one hour, because we understand the time constraints on shelter space. For our other animal welfare groups we provide results within 24 hours. We also guarantee excellent customer service and care to your organization and your adopters.

Our CARE Team
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Charity x

At PetCert we believe that it is a companies duty to give back to the customers and the communities they serve. In 2016 PetCert is planning many philanthropic grants and community projects designed to directly impact the groups we serve. These donations are generated primarily from our company revenue, and are one of our most powerful tools for change. Every PetCert registered organization is a philanthropist with us.

Please click on the button below to go to our non-profit website and sign up for the Petcert Newsletter. We will send periodic updates of future community projects, grants and contests. PetCert also believes in co-creation and will send you periodic surveys where you can voice your ideals, concerns and what types of programs your organization and your community would benefit from. We look forward to working with your organization and assisting you in your future animal pursuits.

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One of our CARE manuals is specifically for community education. We have designed a program that is easily trainable to employees, volunteers and community leaders. It’s directed to three different age groups with age appropriate tools. We have covered spay/neuter, ID tags, micro-chipping, humane care for your new pet, veterinary care,  becoming a humane community and  becoming a volunteer for a local group in your area. We have also included a platform for local teachers to introduce Humane Education into their classrooms as annual curriculum. Please register below to become a PetCert animal welfare organization. We look forward to serving you.

The PetCert Team

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Volunteer Transport x

PetCert 2016 National Transport Map! We understand how hard transportation for adopted and rescued pets can be. One of our goals for the second quarter of 2016 is to have an area on our non-profit website dedicated to volunteer transport. Please register your animal welfare group and we will keep you informed of all the exciting projects and grants coming in 2016 from us to you with our newsletter.

The PetCert Team

Volunteer Transport
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PetCert CARE Services

Our CARE services stands for Caring Animal Resource Essentials. Certifying your adoptions through our thorough background investigation is just the first step. When you register with PetCert we give you the tools to grow your animal welfare services.

PetCert CARE Manuals
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